I’m inspired with knowledge. More specifically, understanding. Dots connecting. New doors of perception opening. Truth pouring out of clogged decks, washing away blockages I could feel but not locate. They’re running down the stream now, and again, I have let them go with much struggle. Tis my way, apparently.

I love those who are themselves; they let the universe flow through them effortlessly. They create consistently. Express themselves so rawly that beauty erodes others barriers and touches their heart. I wish to be an instrument of the universe. A unique individual. A one of a kind, free flowing vein of life. This stress is nothing more than an illusion that I am creating. I am nothing. I am everything. I am the universe itself learning through me. Nothing is a mistake. The chain is long and cannot break and the soul ‘I’ am is and will be ever present in existence. Nothing I do matters because everything I do is accounted for. The paradox is that exactly. Take all the experience you can accumulate in full awareness. Open up your heart, your eyes, your mind to whatever comes your way and forge your own path as you go. Live the way you are pulled instead of the way that feels secure. Fear is a good indicator of necessary learning. Love cannot exist in fear- let it go and let love in.

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