If I could be more empty, I’d float into the sky on this warm full moon night in the direction of the lunar light. Drifting toward the open arms of the mother herself, the embodiment of human emotion and earth’s emotions alike. I’m normally the one in charge but the knife is in fate’s hands and it’s slicing me open in parts of myself I had forgotten existed. The impact of these secret corridors being opened all around me beats my heart out of my chest and the terror grips me…it is out of my control. I’m being forced to shift my thoughts from maintained to chaotic. One being faced with the unconscious is completely vulnerable. Not being able to understand the meaning until the emotion is already gone. Not being able to access the comfort of knowledge because you’re behind human capacity. That is when I was flung into faith. Giving up the raging anxiety is a twisted, rough road, and paranoia lurks about. Your mind literally becomes your worst enemy. Your only ally is faith- guiding you along when the path gets dark or foggy or dangerous. Illuminating the path when just a little light shines through. Exalting the journey, this life, and your nature. I’ve been shoved to the edge and I took the plunge and the water washed away many of those dormant, tucked away parts of my mind. My heart is calming, and though I have more to seek out and eradicate, at least the will has returned to me to pursue this positively and with as much compassion for myself as I can give.

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